Trial Counsel

We try civil cases.  Our practice emphasizes a wide range of litigation, including matters involving business disputes, toxic torts, product liability, unfair competition, securities fraud, employment relationships, condemnation, and professional malpractice.

Few other firms have had the opportunity to work with the highest caliber experts, to research themes and predictive questions with the top jury consultants, and then to test their work in trials throughout the country.

Clients have selected us to serve as national trial counsel and expert evidence counsel in product liability litigation, as lead counsel in securities class action litigation, and as special asbestos defense counsel for manufacturers in bankruptcy.  We have tried many cases when the value of the company has been at stake. 

We do not represent many clients.  But, those that we do have our undivided attention and get frank assessments, sensible timelines, and realistic budgets.  They can also expect regular updates on developments and their impact on expectations.

Our experience trying cases has taught us how to concentrate our pre-trial efforts on the questions that the court or jury will answer.  We have learned to introduce only the strongest evidence at trial, that weaker evidence undermines the credibility of stronger evidence, and that expensive discovery which might lead to weaker evidence can be avoided.

Representing both plaintiffs and defendants gives us a perspective others may lack.  Understanding the other side’s motives and tactics informs not only how we try a case but also our approach in settlement negotiations.