Defending the Integrity of Our Clients’ Products

We have defended manufacturers in a wide range of product liability and toxic tort matters for more than two decades.  From this experience, we understand the importance of resolving cases effectively and in a cost efficient manner.  But, we also know that the litigation can leave no doubt as to the integrity of our clients’ products.

We have worked with many of the most prominent epidemiologists, toxicologists, pulmonologists, pathologists, and industrial hygienists in presenting their testimony to judges and juries.  This has led to significant orders sustaining Daubert challenges to plaintiffs’ scientific evidence.  When our objections to plaintiffs’ evidence have not been sustained, however, we have successfully tried complex scientific cases to courts and juries across the country.

Our track record led to our role as national trial counsel to companies in the asbestos personal injury and other product liability litigation, as expert evidence counsel for a former manufacturer of products that contained asbestos, and as Special Asbestos Defense Counsel and Special Litigation Counsel for former asbestos product manufacturers in their respective bankruptcies. 

We understand that the costs of legal representation are a concern of our clients.  Some clients and their insurers have developed “best practices” for billing legal services.  We have incorporated these measures into our practice so that our clients clearly understand the fees or costs incurred and why they were incurred. 

Client Success