Protecting and Enforcing Our Clients’ Rights

Business litigation often requires a breadth of experience because individual cases can involve many areas of the law.

We have litigated nearly every type of case that can arise in the business context: contract disputes, unfair competition, business fraud, securities fraud, oil and gas litigation, disputes among business owners, intellectual property litigation, employment disputes, noncompetition and non-solicitation agreements, condemnation cases – almost any type of case that can reach the courthouse is a type we have handled.  Our clients have included directors and shareholders, banks and borrowers, brokers and investors, landlords and tenants, manufacturers, insurers, distributors, and many other types of businesses.

Representing both plaintiffs and defendants and our trial experience in these types of matters gives us a perspective others may lack.  Understanding the other side’s motives and tactics informs not only how we try a case but also our approach in settlement negotiations.

We understand that the costs of legal representation are a major concern of our clients.  From the outset of our representation, we discuss with our clients the cost range of the engagement based on the anticipated work.  As the engagement proceeds, our clients can expect that we will update them on the cost projections and secure their approval before undertaking additional work.

Client Success