When a large electric company exercised its right of eminent domain to build a massive power line over our corporate client’s large West Texas ranch, sparks were sure to fly. And fly they did in the most colorful trial ever conducted in sparsely populated Motley County, Texas. We brought world-renowned experts in electricity and cancer research to the county seat in remote Matador, Texas for a trial that included elaborate demonstrations of how electrical power is transmitted and how electromagnetic radiation from power lines creates cancer risks.

Our demonstration showed a ranch employee holding up a common fluorescent light tube in his hands 100 feet away from the power lines, outside the easement. The tube was not plugged in to any electric source. Nevertheless, the electromagnetic field from the power line was so strong that the fluorescent light tube illuminated.

We obtained a damage award that was more than 10 times higher than the compensation offered by the utility. Moreover, we convinced the jury that the utility was trespassing by sending dangerous electromagnetic radiation beyond its easement.

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